Friday, September 18, 2015

Fun Friday-Bubbles!

I absolutely stink at routines and consistency, so Freebie Friday is a great theme but takes all the spontaneity and fun out of blogging for me and turns it into a dreaded chore. Since life is about adapting to weaknesses, I am going to mix it up a bit and still do Freebie Fridays some weeks but also throw in some random Friday fun. So this week we did the bare minimum of bookwork and then devoted the rest of the morning to science fun. A great way to do inexpensive science is to use Steve Spangler's books or websites. He has fun experiments to do with kids and a lot of them can be done with supplies you have on hand. Today we did Bubble Inside a Bubble and the only thing that I had to order for the experiment was a package of pipettes. I got a pack of 100 for $6 on amazon and now I have 98 more for bubble fun and for other cool science in the future.

This experiment was very easy and the kids were able to do it with minimal supervision. I printed out the experiment and then had them do all the prep work and then demonstrated what we were trying to accomplish. After they did some rounds of bubble inside bubble (which took some concentration and involved frustration if bubbles popped), they shifted to creating bubble snowmen and bubble pyramids or just tried creating the biggest bubble possible. The best thing about the Steve Spangler site is that there's a scientific explanation written out for each experiment which can lead to great discussions or lead to further research.

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