Tuesday, September 22, 2015

PDF to JPEG Converter

Google came to the rescue once again for my homeschool planning. A while ago, I downloaded a great homeschool planner for each kid and I loved the layout. I did not however love writing the same stuff over and over again (like their weekly chores and subjects) and my kids kept complaining that I make some of my letters funny. So I found a way to convert my pdf of the page to a jpeg so that I could put it in a Power Point slide and add text to fill in the blanks. Now I will only have to print a fresh planner page each week and I can add any text that I need with minimal effort. And if I choose to type their memory verse instead of writing it, I can just copy and paste from one page to the next. If you have multiple kids and a planner page you love, I would definitely check out this site and see if you can work the same time saving magic.

This pic is of a planner from Life of a Homeschool Mom that I got when it was a freebie but it is still available on sale. If you want to stick with a free planner, The Homeschool Mom has a great one or you can find a lot of choices with a google search.

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