Saturday, January 28, 2012

EZ School is an amazing site that is filled with free materials for Kindergarten through 12th grade. The site does contain ads as a way to keep the materials free but I did not notice any of them as I was first exploring the site. It did take a bit to catch onto the maneuvering of the site. When you click on a grade or subject, you must click on a big category (think of a paragraph sized link) and then the next page that opens will have the more detailed links. Clear as mud, right? The best way to figure out the site really is just to take a few minutes to explore the different links from the main page. You can select by category (worksheets, games, etc) or by grade level. One main benefit to the worksheets that are generated is that they have a space for name and date and then right below that is a line with a description of the lesson already filled in for you.

The site does have the option to access part of it without logging in, but you also have the option of creating a free account. So far, I've just been browsing as a guest but I will most likely create an account to see what else is available. Bonus--This site is independent of the common core standards.

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