Thursday, March 22, 2012

Target Dollar Section

This addictive little section that grabs you as you walk through the doors can be a real treasure trove for a homeschooling parent on a budget. Although the best finds seem to happen right as the new school year is approaching, there are wonderful items offered year round. On my last journey, I found a 3 section supply holder that I saw for $14.95 in a teacher catalog. I paid $1. Very happy moment for this mommy. They also have great books and stickers for rewards and sometimes I've found mini workbooks. They also usually have cute pencils or pen sets, and sometimes letting my oldest use a special pen for his free writing exercises cuts back on the grumbling.

My best advice is to start really paying attention to the bargain section around July. For some reason, back to school stuff started popping up then and then it seemed to dwindle down by September. Last summer is when I found the pocket charts, a dry erase board with handwriting lines on one side, and several packs of flash cards. Also, check back periodically for new additions.

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