Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Worksheet Works

I love worksheet generators. Absolutely love them. It's so nice when you find a site you like that has worksheets that match what you need and it's a thousand times better when you can get unlimited new worksheets from this one site. We are finishing up a refresher lesson on alphabetizing and I wanted to find some worksheets that would be good for reinforcement of this skill and also for review purposes later.

Did i mention that I also love Google? That's a side note, but the amazing powers of Google is what led me to this website, so I figured I should show my Google love for a brief minute. What I love most about Google is its almost freaky ability to read my mind and find what I want when I type weird things in the search bar. This time I wrote "alphabetizing worksheets" and my first result was to Worksheet Works Alphabetizing Skills Once I created a couple of worksheets, I started peeking around the rest of the site and was amazed by all of the resources. This site is still under development so there are a lot of features still to come, but I am enjoying exploring the many sections that they already have up and running.

If you are a homeschooling parent and want to save money on curriculum, this site is very user friendly and a great way to supplement your learning. I love using the basic workbooks from Barnes and Noble as a rough skeleton for the year(the Flash series is currently our preference) and then add on to each lesson with free worksheets. And the bonus of a generator is that you can print just a couple for the skills that your child masters easily or you can go back and print more if your child needs extra practice.

Worksheet Works definitely gets a huge thumbs up from me! And since I'm really not liking how lame that recommendation sounds, it seems like it might be time for me to come up with some cheesy yet memorable rating system for the sites and resources that I come across. 5 pencils out of 5, perhaps?


  1. Lindy,
    Please keep your blog up until Adelaide is out of high school! LOL Any ideas for a non-speaker to learn Bible verses? I was thinking songs, maybe?

  2. I will look into the papers from Elijah's old church class---they did great hand movements with the words and it really helped the verses stick (even in my own swiss-cheese-mommy-brain)