Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gotta Love the Good Days

We had a bit of a break from school when we went on a field trip/mini vacation last week. So I was dreading the inevitable groaning and sighing when we tackled a full workload today after so many days off. But I was shocked--the kid actually asked to do his reading first! You could have knocked me over with a feather! He was so excited when he saw the little reader that I had placed on the table, so I kept on a poker face and acted like the super nice teacher when i said, "Sure, we can start with reading if that's what you really want." How great to seem like I'm doing him a favor to let him start with his least favorite subject. The rest of the work went pretty well and I made sure to give him a couple of breaks because there was a lot of writing today. Then I told him that we had one last math worksheet left. He started to groan until he saw the worksheet, which was on place value, and then he got excited, clapped a little, and *gasp* thanked me!

I just needed to type this up since there are many days where being mom and teacher can be draining, but it's so worth it. And remembering the good days like this can really help get through the bad ones. Oh, and lots of coffee and chocolate...

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