Monday, May 11, 2015

Turtle Diary

I wish that I had found this site when the kids were a little younger because it's full of great resources. Turtle Diary is a site where you can set up a free account and add students. Once you are registered, there are online games, ebooks, worksheets, and skill practice. As the parent of the class, you can track the activity of your kids and also explore science experiments and basic crafts. So far, I have kid #2 loving her account and accessing the games when I give her free time on the computer. For kid #1, I have printed some practice worksheets, but I haven't explored the older grade activities and games for him. Overall, the site is easy to navigate and my only challenge so far is finding which activities match the skills that the kids are working on since grade level is so subjective when you are a homeschool parent. The other bonus to this site is that it's independent of the federal common core initiative.

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