Saturday, May 9, 2015


Math-Aids is my go-to math site these days. We use Teaching Textbooks for our core math, so I use it mainly for practicing skills or review. If I decided to step away from TT, I could do a full year worth of math with this site alone, and it's free, not aligned to the common core standards, easy to use, and super customizable. You can select what type of worksheet to print and adjust the problems for skill level. For example, if I wanted to do multiplication drills, I can choose from standard worksheets or fill in times tables. I can select the range of numbers used or what percentage of the times table should be left blank. Fraction sheets can be visual or without pictures, color or black and white. There's even a spot to put a message on the bottom of the page, and I'd sometimes sneak little messages to the kids there. Overall, you could rely on this site for a comprehensive elementary level math curriculum.

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  1. Hi Lindy,

    Thank you for sharing you go-to math website with us. :) They do have a wide variety of worksheets there!

    What I use with my son is The website has also different worksheets that my son is using for practicing his math skills. <3 <3 <3