Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cursive Writing Freebie Recommendation

My search for cursive writing resources started when I told me daughter that she couldn't randomly put capital letters in the middle of words. It wasn't that she didn't know the rules, but she thought that sometimes an uppercase letter looked prettier in a certain place than the lowercase counterpart. I had to stifle a giggle because as an adult, my handwriting is often a mix of upper and lowercase letters within words based on the surrounding letters. Since she wanted to have her words look pretty and I wasn't willing to bend on the proper capitalization issue, she asked if she could learn cursive. I told her yes and looked for a program that was free because I wasn't going to purchase something because she had a sudden urge to give it a try. I found a great packet on that had a page for each letter and then also had words and sentences on the page. I liked that they learned the connections as they learned the letter because that's the trickiest part of moving from print to cursive. At first I thought it would be overwhelming, but both kids actually picked up cursive in a month using this along with me helping them practice their letters. These sheets can also be adapted for younger kids by putting them in sheet protectors to trace the words with dry erase markers. This packet is great for either starting to learn cursive or for transitioning from writing single letters to connecting the letters into words. I was hesitant to share this link because I used it before the common core initiative got started and this site does show what standards all their worksheets address. However, since none of their worksheets were changed to meet the standards and because this really was an easy way to introduce cursive (and because a really good friend urged me to share), here is the link.

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