Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Fact Families

When I saw my first fact families problems, I must admit that I had to google to understand what they were asking. Once I figured it out, I loved using these for my oldest when he was learning addition and then again for multiplication. I haven't needed them again until recently when my daughter started having a hard time memorizing her multiplication facts, so I created some for drills with her. I favor the visual triangle over the text only problems that sent me googling, so I opted to go that route. Basically you have three numbers in a triangle and you fill in the combinations so that the number sentences make sense.

Here's an example:

For this problem, the answer would be 4+8=12; 8+4=12; 12-4=8; 12-8=4. For problems with multiplying and dividing, the steps are the same but with the different operations.

I have a 3 page set of addition and subtraction triangles here and a 3 page set of multiplication and division here. I have left the final page blank so that you can fill in your own numbers, especially as you discover areas where extra practice is needed. I hope these are helpful!

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