Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blah...boring boring blog

So I planned for this blog to be a resource and came to the realization that it's not a very good resource if the writer is boring. And I don't think of myself as a boring person. I mean, other than the fact that becoming a mom and housewife definitely skews your thoughts of what is boring. Do i get excited about having all the laundry folded AND put away. Definitely yes. Would 20 year old me have seen that as an impossibility? Most likely. Do other homeschooling moms probably get excited about empty laundry baskets. I would like to think so.

So I want to continue to add some valuable links and resources to this blog but it's time to also share a bit of my frustrations and successes with homeschooling and give a little window of what it's really like to be homeschooling on a dime. And maybe even a glimpse of my crazy family while I'm at it :)

So now might be the best time to "unfollow" if you've been enjoying the boring and infrequent posts ;)

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  1. You don't just need to be a homeschooling mum to be pleased when the washing is all done and laid away, Lindy. Even us "auld yins" are happy when that happens. :oD