Wednesday, November 17, 2010

One of my favorite organization sites

The first step to getting started on homeschooling is to get organized. For me, organization is a goal i strive for but also struggle with at times. A great web resource that has helped me get focused and on track with my lesson planning was the homeschool planners section on The Home School Mom website. It is filled with great printables including weekly planners, reading logs, tracking charts, and lots of printable pages to help with home organization too. I have found that the more organized I am with day to day chores and meal planning, the easier it is to balance the roles of teacher, wife, and mom as well as staying on top of my own activities like bible studies and computer time.

Now, I tend to be a tad bit overzealous and use ideas that I see in planners and then adapt it for a style that will work for me. I work best with a blank grid system and with a nice mechanical pencil. So another key to getting organized is to be flexible and willing to change if one style is not working for you. That's one main reason that I have never bought a planner....I like having the freedom to print from scratch and I'm less likely to keep using a style that doesn't work if I don't have a lot invested in it financially. And as soon as i can figure out how to place files in my blog, I will gladly share the forms that I have created and use now.

So...anyone stumbling across this blog that is way more experienced than I am is welcome to teach me how to share files :) Otherwise, I'll keep googling and searching until I figure it out the hard way.

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